User Voice

Purpose: "The Voice" is a community forum for Edmunds GovTech clients.  Our goal is to streamline communication across geographical boundaries and empower individuals, while building a strong network between our clients and company.  Clients will have the opportunity to provide feedback and collaborate on ideas that influence company direction, product development, and services offered. 


How it Works:  Users post ideas in a community forum setting for their peers to review and provide feedback.  Forum members can provide feedback by posting ideas, comments, and by voting. 


As a forum member you will receive 50 votes that can be used to show your support for an idea.  You may apply up to 3 votes to any single idea.  If you have a change of heart, you can recycle your votes by removing them and voting again on another idea.  Votes are also returned after an idea is flagged ‘completed’ or ‘declined’ by the forum administrator.   You may comment or post an idea as often as you want.  Remember, your votes have value so be selective. 


Results: Edmunds will utilize the forum ideas, comments, and voting popularity to influence and support future projects.  Updates on the status of an idea will be provided through the User Conferences and our company newsletter.   


Get started today and let your ‘Voice’ be heard! 

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